Simon and Back to the Future

We share this with all the respect in the world to Simon, on his 11th birthday, the Sudman family, and all other families in past, present and future who have lost (or will lose)a child from unknown, but easily detectable heart conditions. Please take a moment to read and share!

If you have a child, or grandchildren, or great grandchildren… please make sure to have their hearts checked with an ekg periodically. It takes 2 minutes, is painless and could save their life.

Baylor School honors memory of student who died | Times Free Press

Another student athlete dies of sudden cardiac arrest… the article gives very little information, which is common in these tragedies. CPR could not save him, an AED might have but even with its use most victims of SCA do not survive. The best way to prevent this story is heart screenings for all student athletes.

For more information on sudden cardiac arrest and heart screening visit Athlete Heart Shield and Simon’s Fund