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This time it was a wrestler, initial autopsy report indicates he died of natural causes (SCA), there is nothing acceptable about an 18 year old student athlete dying from sudden cardiac arrest.

Read Austin’s obituary here


Teen athletes’ sudden death spurs call for heart screening | KLFY

Another young life lost that could have been prevented… hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest and death in young athletes, this condition is easily detected with simple heart screening.


EXCLUSIVE: High School Soccer Player Collapses During Game « CBS Philly

Another local case of sudden cardiac arrest in a high school athlete. Great work by first responders saved this child’s life! Heart screening would have prevented this near death…

If you are a parent of a young athletes… please take our advice and get their heart checked!!

Exclusive: Family of Phoenix teen who died after half marathon speaks

Another unfortunate and classic tale of sudden cardiac arrest taking the life of a young, seemingly healthy child. And another example of the journalist never once mentioning what it is called when the somebody collapses because their heart spontaneously stopped beating. It is called sudden cardiac arrest. It is not an unknown phenomenon, it happens all the time and the underlying heart conditions that cause it are easily detected with an EKG.  We are so sorry for the loss of this wonderful young girl.